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Sauna POD "Igloo"
2019-11-17, 3:12 AM

Sauna Pod Standard Kit

The set of this pod-shaped barrel sauna includes:

  • The body consists of a 43mm thick walls (fir wood)
  • The length of the sauna is 2.0m
  • Changing/dressing room length 1.0m
  • Outdoor terrace length 0.5m
  • AB type sauna loungers with backrests (linden wood)
  • Skirting panels in the sauna room (linden wood)
  • Two benches in the dressing room (linden wood)
  • Tempered glass sauna door from the sauna to the dressing room (darkened)
  • Wooden exterior door with a lock (with window)
  • Stainless steel belts (3 units)
  • Wooden exterior impregnated with “Dark Oak” color
  • Roof – covered with brown color bituminous roof title (available to be covered with wooden shingles)
  • Standard electrical installation 220V (2 light bulbs under the loungers 1 fixed in the ceiling of the changing room)
  • Wood-burning "TATPAR" stove, loaded from the sauna room
  • Chimney kit (stainless steel)
  • Sauna stones placed around the heater (jadeite)

Customize your garden pod sauna

Available roof color variants:

To protect wood from external factors outdoor saunas roof is covered with the bituminous title, you can pick between standard color variants shown below. Also, a roof can be covered with the wooden shingles. Contact us separately for more variants!

Brown Red Green Grey Black Wooden shingles

Sauna interior with LED lights:

If you wonder how sauna with installed LED lights looks like watch photos below. Contact us separately due to other lighting variants or leave a note while placing the order.

LED for sauna LED for sauna LED controller for sauna LED for sauna LED for sauna

Available heaters:

You can choose between wood-fired or electrical sauna heaters. All available heaters come up with sauna stones to place around, wood-burning stoves includes stainless steel chimney kit. See the standard furnaces models with photos and brief information below.

  • 1. Tatpar F116 - wood-burning, loaded from the sauna room (best price and quality ratio!)
  • 2. Tatpar F216 - wood-burning, a furnace is loaded from the outside or changing room
  • 3. KOTA Kuru 14 ST - wood-fired, a stove is placed in the sauna near the partition, loaded from the dressing room
  • 4. Harvia VEGA BC90 9kW - electric heater, placed in the rear of the sauna room
  • 5. Harvia M3 - wood-fired heater, loaded from the sauna room
  • 6. Harvia M3 SL - wood-fired, loaded from the outside or changing room

Tatpar F116 Tatpar F216 KOTA Kuru 14 ST Harvia Vega BC90 9kW Harvia M3 Harvia M3 SL

If you already own a heater or you want us to install some other model contact us separately or leave a note while ordering!

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