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Sauna Pod 'Royal'

This POD sauna is made from the thermowood, it gives her amazing look from the outside! The interior of the sauna is also made from the thermowood, that's why this model is called royal! Also, this POD sauna is equipped with electrical heater that include steam generator.

Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal' Sauna Pod 'Royal'

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  • **Shipping: due large parcel size, shipping costs are counted individually, depending on your location. Place an order or contact us directly with your postal code for estimated delivery price!

  • Manufactured in: 2-4 weeks
  • Heat-up time: 1-2 hours
  • Weight: ±1950 kg
  • Water heating tank: available
  • Suitable for: 6-8 persons
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4,0 x 2,38 x 2,38 m

  • Roof color: 
  • Wood type: 
  • Wood impregnation color: 
  • Electrical installation: 
  • LED light (if electrical installation is selected): 
  • Water heating tank (with tap): 
  • Heater type: 
  • Windows (in sauna room): 
  • Windows (in dressing room): 
  • Shipping options: 

If you have any questions, please check the F.A.Q. and blog pages or contact us.

Sauna Pod Royal from Thermowood

The set of this sauna includes:

  • The body consists of a 43mm thick walls (thermowood)
  • C-shaped one floor sauna loungers with backrests (thermowood)
  • 2 benches in the dressing room (thermowood)
  • The length of the sauna is 2.5m
  • Dressing/changing room length 1.5m
  • Electrical "Harvia" heater (with integrated steam generator)
  • Stones placed around the furnace (jadeite)
  • Tempered glass half-panoramic window in the sauna (darkened)
  • Tempered glass sauna door from the dressing room (darkened)
  • Wooden exterior door with a lock from the side (with darkened glass window)
  • Stainless steel belts (3 units)
  • Wooden exterior impregnated with “oily/transparent” color
  • Standard electrical installation 220V, lighting (12W LEDs under the loungers in the sauna and benches in the dressing room)
  • Roof – covered with black color bituminous roof title (available to be covered with wooden shingles)

Customize your garden sauna

Available roof color variants:

Sauna roof is covered with the bituminous title, you can pick between standard color variants shown below. Also, a roof can be covered with the wooden shingles. Contact us separately for more variants!

Brown Red Green Grey Black Wooden shingles

Sauna with LED lights examples:

If you wonder how sauna with installed LED lights looks like watch photos below. Contact us separately due to other lighting variants or leave a note while placing the order.

LED for sauna LED for sauna LED controller for sauna LED for sauna LED for sauna

Available heaters:

You can choose between wood-fired or electrical sauna heaters. All the stoves come up with sauna stones to place around. See the standard furnaces models and photos below.

  • 1. Harvia Virta HL90 (9kW) - electric heater, placed in the sauna room near the partition
  • 2. Harvia VEGA BC90 9kW - electric heater, placed in the sauna room near the partition
  • 3. Harvia M3 - wood-fired heater, loaded from the sauna room
  • 4. Tatpar F116 - wood-burning, loaded from the sauna room
  • 5. KOTA Kuru 14 ST - wood-fired, stove is placed in the sauna near the partition, loaded from the dressing room

Harvia Virta HL90 9kW Harvia Vega BC90 9kW Harvia M3 Tatpar F116 KOTA Kuru 14 ST

If you already own a heater or you want us to install some other model contact us separately or leave a note while ordering.

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